Friday, September 12, 2014

Pearl of the Day

We have been brought up to believe that, if we make lots of money we will be successful. I have come to realize more and more, that success is really more about the sort of person one is or becomes, than the amount of money they make.
Success is up to the individual to judge, but to me...success is more about how many lives we enrich. Many people run big companies and are very successful financially but at the detriment of their staff. I admire and call successful, those people that run their business in a morally correct way and treat their staff with the love and respect they deserve.
We all co-exist together on this planet therefore it's important to enrich other peoples' lives by treating them with love and respect.
I often get people saying to me "that's all well and good but what about when people don't treat me that way?" I will respond, as I did to a lady the other day, by saying "I live by my motto others treat me is indicative of who they I treat them is indicative of who I am, therefore I always choose to treat everyone with the same love and respect that I wish to be treated with, regardless of how they treat me!" 
I don't believe this is "letting people walk all over me" as some people have told me...but I see this as being true to my values. I see this as a strength not a weakness because it takes more strength to treat another with love and respect, despite their treatment of me.
I would be interested to know what you think.
With Love Light and much Gratitude

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


One flame alone doesn't burn too bright but many flames united, can light up the night.

Sometimes we feel that we aren't important enough...we say things like "I'm just a housewife!" 
I am guilty of making such statements, especially during those times when I wasn't working. 
I have now come to see that, raising four children, almost single handed, was certainly not being "just a housewife".
My husband left for work at 7:30am and was home by 4pm, at which time he would have a shower and sit and relax for the rest of the day. 
My day started at 7am and didn't finish until 9:30pm, this is not counting the times I was up during the night when the children were ill or if they needed something.
I never thought I was important, after all I was just a housewife with no degree. 
We were brought up to believe, the husband is important because he goes to work and pays the bills. 
We were also brought up to believe that  people with degrees, are important. 
This has been our conditioning.
I can tell you now, we are ALL important...we may all be ONE flame and think, one flame alone doesn't burn too bright but have you ever lit one candle, then another, then another and so on?
With every candle you light, the dark slowly becomes brighter and brighter and if you light a room full of candles, that room will eventually be, totally lit up.
You may be one flame but you are an important flame...never, ever underestimate your importance in this beautiful planet of ours!
Be a light for those in darkness...shine your light and do so with gusto!
With Love, Light and Gratitude

Monday, August 11, 2014

PEARL of the DAY

Roses and Thorns go hand in's your choice on which you wish to place your attention!

The thorns in life can't be avoided but you can, avoid placing your attention on them and place your attention on the roses instead.
A perfect example of this is...those days when something goes wrong first thing in the morning and then it seems that the whole day goes downhill from there. The reason for this is because, when something happens, we tend to keep thinking about that mishap and we end up blowing it all, out of proportions, in our minds.
If this happens to you, take a deep, slow breath, calm yourself down and think of something worse that could have happened instead and then give thanks, that it wasn't that.
We can control our thoughts, so if a thought comes up, that you know is going to lead you toward a landslide...stop it in it's tracks.
 What I do when a (wrong) thought comes up, I say "no no no, not going there" and I shoo it away and replace it with a more positive one.
You have choose your thoughts...choose to place your attention on the roses, in your life and not the thorns!
Always remember gratitude...give thanks for the roses, on a daily basis and you will see more of them bloom!
With Love Light and Gratitude

Monday, July 28, 2014

Pearl of the Day

Treat everyone at though today is their last day on Earth...and you will never have any regrets.

This is something I live by every day of my life. I have been very lucky, to mostly encounter really lovely people. I could put it down to luck but I truly believe it's because I always treat everyone I meet, with the highest respect...I am open with them and honest but always in a loving way.
When I hear people tell me about nasty people they encountered during their day, whether sales assistants or customers etc., I always wonder if they took the time to do or say something kind to them, to turn them around.
Don't get me wrong, I encounter, not so nice, sales assistants too but what I do, is try to understand what kind of day the may have had and what type of customers they may have served before me. Quite often they themselves have had dealings with nasty customers and have been rattled by them.
When I am served by such a sales assistant, I ask them how they are (even if they don't ask me) and try to take an interest in them...I believe, if we all do this, it would make this world a much happier place to live in...and besides...wouldn't you enjoy your day more, knowing you've helped elevate someone's mood? I know I do...I feel great when I see that I have lifted someone up.
Having worked in customer service jobs, I cannot remember, ever having a customer, not matter how nasty they were, that I didn't win over with some love and attention.
When you go out next, set the intention to smile and be kind to everyone you meet and watch what happens. If someone isn't kind back, be extra kind to them, you will win them over. Just remember, all people want, is what we all be loved and acknowledged. 
With Love Light and Gratitude

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pearl of the Day

"When you can't change the things out of your control...change the ones you can, in order to bring you greater happiness."

If life has become a bit too predictable and routine and for one reason or another, you can't change circumstances that seem out of your control...change the ones you can, in order to bring yourself greater happiness.
Look around you, what things can you change? Start by being spontaneous, do something that you would not normally do. When driving to work or picking up your children etc., change routes, take a different road, mix things up a little, it makes life more interesting.
Learn something new...take up a anything creative. Doing creative things, makes the Soul Soar!

I don't have a routine and I rarely make plans...and even when I do, it's only if it involves someone else i.e. a friend wants to meet for a coffee Monday next week etc....even then, I always leave off with, "that should be ok but I'll confirm it with you a day or so before"

I always try to mix things up...I let the powers that be, dictate my day for me and they never fail to surprise me.

Do what you can to be happy because when you're happy, you give those around you permission to be happy too!

With Love Light and Gratitude

Wednesday, July 9, 2014



"Some people come into our lives, only for a short time...but affect us so profoundly, that they leave their imprint on our hearts forever." 
From the book 'Pearls of Wisdom from the oyster called Life
I'm sure you've all met one or more people that have touched your lives, in a positive way. These people, come into our lives, some for a very short time, others for a bit longer and some for a lifetime but they all have a profound affect on us and leave their imprint on our hearts for ever.

I have met many such people, throughout my life, some of which have now become dear friends...they always seem to come at the right time, when needed to shine their light and help us through our darkness.
It's amazing how, you can meet someone in a shop or in passing and they may give you a heart-warming smile and it instantly, makes your day and lifts your mood.

Be kind to everyone you meet, for you don't know what kind of challenges they're trying to conquer and your kindness/smile, might be just what they need to give them a boost and help them to keep going.

With Love Light and Gratitude

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pearl of the Day

"Release past baggage, in order to travel lighter on your present journey."

When you have accumulated many hurts over the years, the emotions attached to those hurts, become like baggage that weighs you down...and often make you sick, literally!
There is a way to release such baggage, in order to travel lighter on your present journey.
You are able to release those hurts, by forgiving the people involved and sending them love and light. This is not an easy thing to do and I learnt that the hard way. I had to do a lot of forgiving, over the last few years and I found it very hard to do at first, until I read somewhere that "forgiving doesn't mean you are condoning what they did, it just means that you refuse to carry it around, any longer"...this was what I needed to help me truly mean it, when I said I forgave them. Since I've learned the lesson in forgiveness, I have also come to realise that no one sets out to purposely hurt you and the majority of the time they don't even know that they have.
If someone does purposely hurt you, then that is indicative of the of person they are...and not the person you are. I have learnt that those who bully others, are simply crying out to be noticed, to be is something that has been in short supply in their lives. They haven't experienced much love and they don't even have any self-love.
Love or self-love, is the answer to every another of my pearls says "no matter what the question, the answer always lies in self-love"...that's another story for another day.
With Love, Light and Gratitude

Monday, June 23, 2014

PEARL of the DAY
 "Life is a puzzle and each of us is a piece, that God is helping to fit perfectly in the right place."
 Have there been times in your life, when you felt like you didn't belong?
There've been many times in my life, where I felt like this. Infact, as a child I often wondered if I was adopted. I now see that the reason was, I was being shaped to become the person I am today. You see, each of us has gifts that are unique to us...yes you have unique gifts that only you can utilize in the way you can. Your gifts are to be used for your greater good and the greater good of all.
If you're wondering what your gifts are, just look in your heart and see what makes your heart sing, makes you feel alive, lights up your Soul at the thought of it.
When we feel like we are that piece of the puzzle that doesn't quite fit in rightly, it's only because we're not being true to our unique gifts...we are doing things (i.e. jobs) that aren't in alignment with our heart's desires and therefore we don't feel at peace with ourselves. We have this conflict going on, between our heads and our hearts.
Our heart is aligned with our soul and wants to make us happy...our head on the other hand, wants to please everyone else because it thinks that in doing so, it protects us from getting hurt. This conflict is what God is helping us to work on (we co-create our lives with God), in order to fit in the right place in the puzzle and be the best and happiest person we can be.

When we are able to balance the head with the heart, we find our place and fit there perfectly...the feeling of this, is akin to when you've away from home for a while and then return, you give that sigh of you know what I mean? It's that "ahhhh it's good to be home, there's no place like home!"
As my beloved mother used to say, no matter even if your home is a tin shed, there's just no other feeling like that feeling you've arrived home!
If you haven't experienced that feeling...KNOW that it will come, believe it!
Feel free to share your views on this.
With Love Light and Gratitude

Saturday, June 21, 2014

PEARL of the DAY

 "Problems are merely challenges that propel us toward growth!" 
When we encounter those challenges in our lives that seem to really weigh us down, it's hard to believe that there are any positives to be seen. I have found that every challenge I have faced, propelled me to growth and to become stronger.
When I look back over the times I was mostly challenged, I see that the greatest blessings came out of those times.
With my faith always a part of me, I found the strength to take charge of my life and steer it in the direction I wish it to go. I found the strength and motivation to chase my happiness. I found the self belief to follow my dreams, regardless of what anyone else said.
My book 'Pearls of Wisdom from the oyster called Life, on which this blog is based, is a testament of following my dreams.
It has always been a dream of mine to publish a book with my photos and pearls of wisdom, that came to me from Divine Source, to help me get through those challenging days.
I am a visual person and love colourful photos of nature, they uplift me and I hope, my photos will do the same for my readers.
You, dear reader, have the POWER to overcome any challenges, in order to live the life you wish to's your life...take control of it and live it as you will!
With love, light and gratitude

Thursday, June 19, 2014

PEARL of the DAY

 'Fear is just an illusion...shatter it before it takes hold!'
It has been my experience that fears, are blown out of all proportion, in our minds and they can have serious affects on how we live our lives. It has also been my experience that in shattering fears before they take hold, is the best thing to do, in order to live a fear free life....once they take hold, they become like a big monster that comes to scare us again and again.

I have no fear (faith helps with that) and when one creeps in, I talk to myself. Let's take this book as an example...when I started putting this together, thoughts such'll make a fool of yourself, people will think, "what degree does she have that she thinks she can advise others" etc. etc...and they kept coming. It took me around 2yrs of inner work (and listening to some amazing teachers God sent me), to come to the conclusion that anything I wanted to do, I could do because I AM an infinite being, connected to the SOURCE of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. If I could help others by what I've learned, then so be it! This is my life purpose.

 What others think of it, is totally their right to their opinion and I don't begrudge them at all. I believe everyone has a right to their views and I respect that right. I will still love them unconditionally.

We'll never please everybody, all of the time so I've decided to please do the things that make me happy (because when we're happy, those around us are happy), to follow my dreams and do so with gusto and hopefully in doing so, I can inspire others to do the same!
If you have any fears, ask yourself "what is the worst thing that can happen, if I do such and such?" When you talk it through, you will see that the worst thing that can happen, will be nowhere near as bad as you thought.

With love, light and gratitude.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

PEARL of the DAY

 "While one person can make you feel worthless, another can make you feel priceless."
Those who make us feel worthless, come into our lives in order for us to look within and find self-love. It's only when we have found self-love and self-worth, that no one can make us feel worthless again. Although we may see these people as a burden, they are infact a blessing...they propel us to growth.

On the other hand, some people come into our lives to show us that we are priceless. This is something that we always find hard to believe...but believe it we must...because God only creates priceless...and in HIS eyes, we are all priceless!

The photo above was used on purpose to show how something as simple as a blowfly, which is just a pest to some, can be priceless to others. When I uploaded this photo to my computer and saw the amazing colour and detail on this blowfly, I changed my mind as to which category they belong. So there you go...worthless to some...priceless to me!

With Love Light and Gratitude
Natalie :)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

PEARL of the DAY

 'God's unconditional love never wavers, it's only our perception of it that does.'
In times when we're so busy with life and it seems that we don't even have time to breathe and challenges present themselves, it's easy to think that God has abandoned us. ...
It's been my observation over the period of my life, that everything that God allows to happen in our lives, is always for our highest good.

I have learned many valuable lessons from the challenges in my life, including unconditional love, acceptance of all that is and forgiveness.
Forgiveness would have to be the hardest lesson for us to learn. It's easy to say we forgive someone but it's not until we feel that forgiveness in our hearts, that we know we truly forgive.

Forgiveness of ourselves is as important as forgiving of others.

 Unconditional loving another even when they might not be so easy to love and accepting that they are who they are and it's not up to us to change them...when we feel that someone needs to change, the only thing we can do, is change our perspective of them. Put on the lenses of love and see them through the eyes of love.
The only person I can change is me! The only person you can change is you!

This photo and the pearl above are an excerpt from my book 'Pearls of Wisdom from the oyster called Life'.
The message, is what I've learned regarding this pearl.
In times when I couldn't understand why God would allow something to happen to me, even though I had always tried my best to be a loving person. I felt like, He had abandoned me but of course I've learned, He NEVER abandons us, we just perceive that to be the case...He IS part of us and is always there to help, if we just ask and trust.

With love light and gratitude
Natalie :)

Friday, June 13, 2014


 Pearls of Wisdom from the oyster called Life', is a book lovingly composed with empowering thoughts and beautiful images, that are a feast for the eyes.
It is a compilation of some of my favourite flower macros and messages I received from Devine Source, which helped me immensely, while going through some tough times.

It's my hope that in passing on the messages, I am able to empower the readers to view their lives in a more positive way, which will in turn help them live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

I have learnt that altering one's perspective of life even a little, starting by adopting an attitude of gratitude, seeing the blessings in every situation and giving thanks for them on a daily basis, helps us to magnify our blessings and takes the spotlight off all that is (seemingly) wrong in our lives.

Every Problem, is merely a challenge that propels us to growth. When I look back over my life, I no longer see the problems I had to deal with, as problems, I see the blessings that came out of them and how they pushed me out of my comfort zone, in order to be more than just a mother, wife, daughter etc...I am an author now (which is still hard for me to say), this is something I would not have envisioned a few years ago, even though writing has always been a tool for me to express my emotions in a healthy way.

I have done much inner work over the last couple of years and have listening to some amazing teachers that gave freely of their time, to talk on teleseminars. They all played their part to help me find self-love, self-worth and self-belief.
They say that when you're ready to learn, the teacher will appear. I believe this is what happened to me...the teachers did appear and I learned I wish to pass that knowledge onto you.

I wish to use this blog, as a way to reach those who are in need of some help with their lives so please feel free to comment, ask questions or just stop for a moment and introduce yourselves!

Much love light and gratitude.
Natalie  :)